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Tim Raposa- CEO/Director

  • Coach Raposa started the Tritons program in the summer of 2015 after leaving a very successful program due to change in ownership. Since the Tritons organization started he has placed a high percentage of seniors in college baseball. There has been D1, D2, D3, NAIA and Junior College commitments in the 3 years of the program. Coach Raposa works for his players and focuses on getting the player to a place that is a great fit for both the player and college program. Coach Raposa understands the process and uses his knowledge to help his players get what they deserve. The program is surrounded by quality baseball minds and not only great baseball people but great men as well. The focus of the TCT program is to get baseball scholarships, yes, but to also teach young men how to be responsible, respectful, holding themselves accountable while playing the great game of baseball.

Dave Orique-

Andrew McGee

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